Offsite Backup Solutions

Is backing up your files enough? Think again

Now, backing up files is not enough to prevent a disaster. This is a very important process but it’s not enough today. It is recommended to back up all data, however, have a system with the capacity to restore the information lost gains more relevance. The process of restoring the information must be done quickly and thoroughly. Gone are the days where having copies of documents was enough. Now, companies are looking for offsite backup solutions.

Companies must forget about spending time reinstalling programs and sorting out files in the wake of a disaster. Your technicians can do it but that can take them too long. When a cyber-attack sets in, you need to work fast to prevent more damage. Hackers tend to keep an eye on those systems that are regularly used.

Consequently, IT companies created an imaging technology that allows bringing up a virtual copy of files in case of emergency or failure. In addition to storing backups, the system replicates those files and encrypts them in the cloud. You are given a password to gain access to those files on any device.

This technology is called Intelligent Business Continuity. This strategy aims to provide efficient restoration of IT systems, ensures speedy connectivity and supplies offsite backup solutions. Below is a list of facts about Intelligent Business Continuity for businesses:

  • It goes beyond simple backups: it creates an image of your IT environment. The process consists of taking virtual images of servers and PCs. It takes images of the information you have in your system, including operating systems, applications, configurations and settings and sends all to the cloud.
  • It spins up a virtual copy of the whole system if something goes wrong. This is a data recovery solution that only takes a few minutes. It spins up the copy from the local backup device or the cloud.
  • The virtual environment created by the system uses the same applications and files existing in your computers. Also, the capabilities are the same.
  • All changes you make are saved to the backups. This means there’s no issue in using the main systems after repairs.

Hosting virtual Backups Offsite in the cloud

  • Being able to virtualize is great, considering that files stored on site are still vulnerable. Therefore, businesses are looking for this data recovery solution.
  • The system creates backups in the cloud in an offsite data center facility, so that nothing bad in the facility can affect them.
  • Using data backup services allows you to get access to the files on the computer, smart phone, anywhere with a password.
  • If anything damages your onsite computer, you can use the copy of the information stored in the cloud with the same capabilities. The strategy comes with data recovery solutions that help you resolve issues quickly.
  • You don’t have to worry about reinstalling programs and recovering lost files if you are moving to a new location. Cloud File sharing services provide a solution.

There are different data backup services designed for all types of businesses. Let Pro Group Networks help you craft a backup solution that fits your needs.


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