Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Dedicated Hosted Exchange Services

Hosted exchange tools can help you improve the productivity of your team. However, without the proper configuration, your company may face some serious issues. This can cost you money, obstruct your business operations and give you a lot of trouble.

With our hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions, you can streamline your business without worrying about managing Microsoft exchange. We are experienced in installing, configuring and managing Exchange solutions for all size companies.

Help you access all the capabilities of Exchange

Microsoft Office is not like average webmail, it provides various options such as SharePoint and other Lync integration features. At Pro Group Networks, we will help you get all the benefits of an Exchange server. We provide mailboxes having large capabilities, Email security and flexible configuration.

Our hosted Microsoft Exchange services are designed to meet the requirements of small and large companies. You can enjoy all the benefits of local Exchange services such as file sharing, task management, calendar coordination along with security from Pro Group Networks.

Retrieve your data from cloud

For professionals, data is more than an asset. During power failures and natural disasters, the loss of data can cost you thousands of dollars.

Our hosted Exchange Cloud Services will automatically forward your Emails to our cloud-based server during service disruption so that you can run your business smoothly.

You can email from any device

Our team can offer you a unique solution for your requirements. We know not all of your staff uses the same mobile devices. Therefore, we’ll provide them unique tools by which they can easily receive and send emails from their mobile devices.

Pro Group Networks Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting can let your staff work from home, on construction sites, airports, abroad and so on.

Our hosted Exchange cloud services are compatible with several devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets.

We assure a trouble-free hosting

The Pro Group Networks team is committed to offering world-class Microsoft Office 365 support, therefore we take care of the installation and configuration of your Microsoft Exchange.

Our team efficiently handles upgrades and configuration challenges of hosted Exchange by offering 24*7 tech support. Once you choose us, it is our responsibility to keep your Microsoft Exchange updated.

Security is an integral part of our services

We ensure that your email remains secure against unauthorized access. Pro Group Networks Microsoft Exchange server hosting helps you save your data in a secure data center or a cloud-based server and provides virus scan and encryption for your email transactions to add protection to your data.

Our team can offer you the security that you require by implementing the best practices in the IT industry.

Save the operating cost with Pro Group Networks

Pro Group Networks fully managed hosted Exchange services integrate a range of features such as security, management, configuration and installation.

We can help you lower your IT expenditure by providing customized services. You can reduce your costs by mitigating the need for installing costly hardware and by telling us your Exchange on-premise needs like the number of users.

Choosing us will surely reduce the burden on your IT budget.


Tim is an excellent resource. He is extremely intelligent, creative and results-oriented. I can highly recommend his services.

  Dr. Roy Shapiro, ARRESTAGE Laboratories Corp