Allworx Phone Systems For Businesses In Nevada

Analog or VoIP or a Combination of Both? With Allworx, You Decide

Allworx Phone

Pro Group Networks is dedicated to introducing our clients to the latest developments in business technology, as having a more advanced IT infrastructure will cut costs, improve workplace efficiency, boost revenue, and provide you with an advantage over stubborn competitors that refuse to acknowledge their outdated equipment could use an upgrade.

One upgrade we recommend in particular is Allworx phone systems, which support both traditional phone lines and more modern VoIP systems. This flexibility allows you to decide if you want to adopt internet-based communications gradually or all at once.

VoIP is taking offices by storm as a more affordable and feature-rich alternative to traditional phone systems. The Allworx system connects your phone to your computer and clearly displays both real-time and historical data, which will allow you to better manage your calls, which in turn will help you keep those callers (current clients, prospective clients, partners, etc.) happy.

But, as with any upgrade, it’ll take a little upfront investment to install, and it may benefit other businesses more than it does yours. Allworx allows you to dip a toe in the water instead of just jumping in when it comes to investing in VoIP.

When you look at how the telephony industry has recognized Allworx, it’s easy to why we recommend them over other VoIP options.

2015 has been a good year for Allworx, as they’ve picked up Internet Telephony magazine‘s 2015 Product of the Year award and Business Solutions magazine‘s 2015 Best Channel Vendor award to add to their already ridiculously long list of awards and prizes they’ve racked up since 2007.

Also, you can use the following add-ons to Allworx to customize your system so that it best fits your needs:

  • Advanced Multi-Site: For businesses with more than one location, Advanced Multi-Site is a godsend. With a global directory and unified voicemail system across all sites, it’s just as simple as having all your phones in the same location. And you get real-time monitoring with automatic spillover.
  • Automatic Call Distribution: This add-on allows you to select which method will be used to prioritize your callers (linear priority, longest idle, round robin, etc.), and you can choose a different method for each call center. Supports up to 10 queues with 16 calls per queue and 32 calls across all queues.
  • Call Assistant: This Windows-based piece of software was designed with SMBs in mind to provide them with enterprise-level telecommunications tools. Call Assistant is easy to install and use and allows you to, among other things, drag-and-drop transferring calls and also record calls and save them as WAV files.
  • Dual Language Support: No habla Espanol? No problema… but maybe some of your clients do. With this feature you can provide voice prompts in Castillian Spanish and also French Canadian.

It’s no secret that strong relationships, with both clients and partners, are vital to succeeding in business… so why keep them waiting on hold?

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