Leave your computer in the right hands – Find out how

Sadly, when it comes to the repair of almost anything from appliances to cars, it’s too easy to find shoddy service and computer repair services are no exception. Fake technicians charge fees upfront and they solve nothing. If you have PC issues, make sure you leave your computer in trustworthy hands.  Real technicians take the time to understand your problems, completely diagnose and fix the issues, and confirm that the repairs were effective before returning the equipment. This is what we call reliability and honesty when providing computer repair services.

When you need computer services, your data is at risk.  The first step is to find an expert in the field that can help you resolve your problem.  That individual must be a person who takes the work serious and somebody who uses the right tools to do the work properly.  If you run a business, you can’t afford your computers to be down and you especially can’t afford to lose your data.  Look for a firm that does more than just repairs.  Look for a company that offers service plans and security services.  So, don’t settle for less, get the best computer repair solutions which generally include IT support and security.

The repair process

  • The sign of a good repair technician is that they start their process by listening to the customer and then reproducing the customer’s problem. That way everyone agrees on what needs to be fixed.
  • The next step is to look for obvious problems. 80% of computer repair issues, turn out to be something that the tech has seen 50 times before, is easy to spot, and the solution is known.
  • If the issue requires further investigation, the tech does the necessary testing and may even consult with others if the issue is particularly hard to solve.
  • Once the repair has been identified and implemented, there are still two steps left and these are steps that many shops forget about. First, the tech must confirm that the customer’s original problem has been resolved.  Second, the customer needs to know how to prevent the situation from happening again.

Regular Maintenance – Something crucial

If you want a fully functioning computer, you need to provide regular maintenance and attention. You could take it to the technicians regularly and they will keep you up-to-date with how it is working.  A better solution is to work with a company like Pro Group Networks that can install tools that will perform regular maintenance and monitor the health of your system.

All your important data must be backed up in the cloud. If you have a company, hard drive storage can be good but not enough. There are two reasons why cloud storage is better than hard drive storage:

  • Generally, there’s more space in the cloud to store information than in local storage. You are free to store applications, programs, operating systems and passwords in the clouds with no issue. Cloud storage also gives you the option to edit and delete information when needed.  Think about this: what happens if there is a fire in your office? What will happen to the files you saved on your hard drive? They will be gone.  Off-site cloud backup solves this problem.
  • Technicians will work on computer virus removal by installing anti-malware programs and software protection to keep your device protected. Remember that there are more than simple greedy hackers trying to steal information on the net.

Tim is a very talented professional in his field. He has done all the I.T. work for both our offices and I was very happy both times. He has also done trobleshooting for us on various occasions and has been a real life saver. I would recommend Tim to anyone.

  Ken Henderson, BESTAgency