Where Do I Need to Go for Computer Repair in Western Nevada?

Don’t be willing to leave your computer in untrustworthy hands just because they charge lower fees upfront. You need professional, reliable and fast computer repair – and we provide it.

When you’re looking to fix a technology issue, know that we take the time to ensure the job is done right, and that you’re using the best tools and applications to do work and stay secure in the future. Your computer will benefit from additional services that will continue to keep you protected going forward.

Don’t settle for less, get the best computer repair and support for your business.

Repair You Can Count On

  • First we take a good look your computer to determine what’s gone wrong, and we consult with you about how we’re going to repair it. Any vulnerabilities are patched and we set your system up to ensure it’s always functioning at its best going forwards.
  • We don’t just get you up-and-running and then leave you in the cold. Accidents happen all the time and technology if often a challenge – we work to ensure your safety in the future, so you can get the most out of your computer.

Regular Maintenance is Crucial

  • A fully functioning computer needs maintenance and constant attention to thrive. We check in with you regularly and keep you up-to-date on how we’re working with your computers and system to keep it protected.
  • All of your important data is backed up to a secure cloud so that it’s never lost in the case of damage or a hardware crash. You’ll work with peace of mind knowing you’ve got a reliable backup.
  • You’ll be set up with the latest anti-virus software, malware protection and firewalls to keep your computers and system safe from hackers and online threats.

To get set up with the best computer repair and IT services in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin contact Pro Group Networks at info@progroupnetworks.net or by phone at 888-625-0062.


To say Tim was a “client” or that we “worked together, but were at different companies” is a misnomer. Tim and I still work together on many business opportunities. He is very commicative, taking the time to listen, offering great advice and provides fantastic insight on the projects we’ve worked on. I definitely would recommend him to anyone.

  David Feller, Boise Networks   

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