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IT support is getting more difficult to find – Why?

If you thought Home Depots and Targets were the only objectives of cyberattacks, you were wrong. Solely in 2014, more than 300 million new pieces of malware were practically created to be operating in networks to break into small and medium-size targets. Small and medium-sized businesses use these types of networks also known as SMBs.

If you have never been hit, you must get managed IT services. IT managed support services provide the tools you need against hackers and cyberattacks. Companies that provide IT support can help you recover lost files, considering that sometimes the loss can’t be described in a word. Probably, you think it’s impossible to recover some of these files, but the truth is that it is completely possible by paying more. Higher cost means 55% more than simple work. IT support providers also clean up your system from viruses and malware that can cause a security breach in just 6 months. According to a study, almost half of SMBs feel forced to cease operation because of cyberattacks.

However, maintaining an on-site managed IT support department that takes care of online security means a lot of money. If you are running a small business, you might probably think it’s not feasible to have people working on it because of your tight budget. On the other side, cyber-attacks do not occur every day. Some companies have even opted to hire one person to take on this responsibility; however, this is not a viable option either. In this connection, we can say that small companies might have problems paying engineers for managed IT services.

Nonetheless, there is always a solution to everything. Some companies provide IT managed support services separately, so start-ups and medium-sized businesses can outsource online security to them. Knowing the difficulty and seriousness of this issue, these companies design plans that do not harm small companies’ budgets.

Cutting costs

In the last paragraph, we talked about the difficulty that small companies have when paying an IT worker, but do you have an idea of how much managed IT support costs? To get you into the picture, a company can pay up to $50,000 monthly to an individual. If you multiply this by 12 months, it is a lot of money. We also said that online protection must be consistent but it doesn’t mean it’s a work needed every day. Viewing this, some companies turn to IT help desk services for specific days to make sure everything is going fine. By doing so, they reduce costs and have quality service. Not to mention that some technicians even charge $100,000+ per month. This figure can vary depending on the technician’s competitiveness and expertise.

We also said that companies are providing this service with very prepared professionals. It seems easier to outsource this work to a company specialized in this service. This time, hiring a company turns out to be a better option than hiring an individual. Plus, these companies will not only send one worker to cope with your IT issues, but they also have an entire team to take care of that.

Paradoxically, which one of the options do you see more feasible? Hiring a person or an entire team for less money?


Tim has provided consistent, creative and very satisfying service as our IT expert at our Lunch at Piero’s press events during the trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tim always finds a solution to even the most confounding technical challenges and always goes beyond the call of duty when providing services.

  Pat Meier-Johnson