Virtual File Sharing

Attention and expertise are required to keep a network run smoothly and securely. Pro-Group Networks provides a reliable solution for network security challenges and an alternative for traditional in-house IT delivery.

The time consuming yet vital network tasks such as organizing, monitoring, and management of IT infrastructure requires skills. Our high-end managed service platform and 24*7 supports can make it easy for your employees to share their work and eventually increase your productivity.

Make your network secure

No company can make their day to day operations without exchanging data. This data, unfortunately, can get leaked due to several reasons and can result in loss of thousands of dollars.

We provide safe remote servers for transferring and storing data. Our virtual file sharing services make documents sharing easy, secure and transparent.

Our cloud-based services are impeccable

Our cloud file sharing services help you share your confidential data without any installation requirements.

Pro Group Networks secure cloud services not only provide online disk space for your data, but offer other business benefits such as seamless sharing, smooth workflow, security, and regulation compliance.

We provide remote support

Pro Group Networks virtual file sharing services ensure that your team collaboration is smooth. You can share your files within and outside your organization without any delays. Our cloud file sharing services provide an extensive range of solutions to businesses such as remote accessing and monitoring, security, powerful administrative tools and easy to use interface.

We provide 24*7 remote assistance to our clients in case of any network and IT issue.

Virtual data centers are new-age technologies

Virtual data centers provide a virtual data space for sharing confidential documents. An organization can access its data center through different locations or can use it as a repository.

Changing business needs have increased the popularity of cloud-based systems. These systems can easily collaborate with new technologies and can improve the productivity of the businesses. More and more companies are showing their trust in virtual data center architecture to simplify their IT provisioning, reduce the security risk and get optimum results.

Pro Group Networks provides a variety of tools to promote collaboration between your teammates and clients. We provide integration with the popular Microsoft Office suite such as Outlook, Work, and Excel, so that you don’t lose any data.

Connect with your team anywhere

Access all your remote files with Pro Group Networks managed data storage. Virtual sharing ensures that everyone in your organization gets access to the network regardless of their location.

Secure virtual file sharing enables a user to run, manage and protect their workload from any place. In today’s’ world where working with remotely is common, this technology allows companies to focus their attention on their core business needs instead of spending money on infrastructure management.

Pro Group Networks can provide you everything that you need for your business. You can get access to your network anytime and anywhere. You can check who has worked on which file, what changes he or she has made to the file and from which device and location your employees are assessing the network. With our data backup services, we can deliver your work on time and never disappoint your clients.


Tim has provided consistent, creative and very satisfying service as our IT expert at our Lunch at Piero’s press events during the trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tim always finds a solution to even the most confounding technical challenges and always goes beyond the call of duty when providing services.

  Pat Meier-Johnson