HIPAA Compliance Checks

In-Depth HIPAA Compliance Check for Health Care and IT Providers

Whether you are a health care provider or an organization that handles, stores or process electronic data of patients, you must comply with HIPAA regulations. Failing to meet HIPAA requirements can result in heavy fines.

With Pro Group Networks, you don’t need to worry about HIPAA compliance. We work with you to make sure that you comply with HIPAA regulations.

Pro Group Networks complete HIPAA compliance solution includes reviewing and inspecting a company’s HIPAA security and privacy policies. We provide guidance and support to fix existing HIPPA policies.

Our services are designed to meet HIPAA regulations

We provide simple solutions to complex HIPAA compliance. We’ll do a full audit of your company data collection and storage policies to check whether you are presently HIPAA compliant or not. We also ensure that you remain compliant by providing regular assessments and guidance.

A large number of businesses and organizations are becoming victims of cyber-attacks. At such a time, mitigating security risk is the only way to save your business from hefty penalties.

Our complete HIPAA Compliance services are designed to protect your company from attackers. Our team will build a roadmap to protect your network from threats and to manage your digital infrastructure carefully.

The Pro Group team provides thorough assessment and guidance

We have an expert team that can evaluate your security program against the HIPAA regulations and can guide you on how to make improvements in it.

Our team will discover your vulnerabilities and help you design a solution that can keep your patient data safe. Hackers often exploit these vulnerabilities to get access to a system.

We provide a range of services and cloud-based tools that can easily integrate with your software and applications. These tools will help you do security testing on your applications and protect your network.

Our HIPAA compliance solutions effectively monitor the protected health information (PHI) whether it is on the network, stored in a database, or resting in the cloud. We will strengthen your HIPAA compliance program without interrupting your present business processes.

Pro Group Networks will keep you HIPAA Complaint

HIPAA penalties are heavy. Violation of HIPAA regulations can cost thousands of dollars. Companies that are not following HIPAA regulations are damaging their business by paying millions of dollars in fines.

Pro-Group Networks will help you maintain your compliance by offering regular audits. Our organization has designed a variety of tools and processes that will facilitate you in your HIPAA compliance efforts.

We ensure that patient information is kept secure

HIPAA Compliance for IT Providers and healthcare organizations is a must. Our team has helped several companies in resolving their compliance issue. We have an experienced team that has worked with almost all types of health care organizations and managed their HIPAA policies. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business associate or a covered entity, we ensure you that you will get the best HIPAA compliance services.

Our team will protect your patient and business confidentiality and cover your firm from HIPAA noncompliance violations.


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