Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Stop Downtime while keeping your Network and Workstations more secure and reliable!

Many small businesses require IT support or assistance to monitor their business and systems. In such a situation, Pro Group Networks is the right path to help you. Remote IT support helps in cutting cost and offers superior technology-enabled services. Some remote monitoring services include the following:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring: It is possible to get remote IT support 7 days per week throughout the year. Cyber-attacks and office disasters generally take place unexpectedly. IT companies provide around-the-clock assistance, meaning you can contact them any time in the day.
  • Automated system maintenance: When a company maintains their own computers, regular maintenance can suffer. For this reason, network monitoring and maintenance is available to guarantee performance and productivity.
  • The automatic system alerts: It is impossible to predict when a disaster will occur. However, you can use a system with integrated network security to detect threats or when something is going wrong.
  • Drive space monitoring: Do you keep track of how much free space you have on your disk drives? Probably not. Our automated tools will let you know when a lack of free space may be hurting your system performance.
  • Monitoring and notification of program license expiration: We provide a tool that tracks when upgrades are required. This application is a supplement to the license expiration and notification system included with your software.
  • Monitoring of SQL and Microsoft Exchange: Many companies have started to use Microsoft Exchange because it allows utilizing several tasks that mainstream organizational processes. It works in sync with SQL. Both Microsoft Exchange and SQL are programs that can store a significant amount of information that needs protection and proper maintenance in the cloud.
  • Remote backup and security monitoring: You will need remote back to store and encrypt information in the cloud in the event of an emergency. Remote monitoring services include storing information, managing passwords, and passcodes and making exact copies of the systems and programs utilized in computers operating in the facility.
  • Inventory and preventative maintenance reports: Our systems perform regular maintaince and updates automatically. But if maintenance will require a technician, we will let you know to schedule a visit.

This list just scratches the surface. Other applications you can find in Network Monitoring and Maintenance are:

· Scheduled Spyware prevention and cleaning
· Performance of scheduled Anti Spyware/Virus updates
· Management of system error and event logs

Pro Group Networks, with its remote monitoring services, is always ready to offering solutions to small businesses. To find more about our services, you can reach us by visiting our website. For further assistance related to a specific solution, you can contact us at 888-625-0062 or email Pro Group Networks at [email protected]. So, what are you waiting for?


Tim is an excellent resource. He is extremely intelligent, creative and results-oriented. I can highly recommend his services.

  Dr. Roy Shapiro, ARRESTAGE Laboratories Corp