Has Your IT Company Set Up Secure Remote Access For You?

When you think of technology, convenience should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Secure Remote AccessOur IT security experts work with you to align your IT with your business objectives, so you start solving problems and reaching goals with the right technology. If your IT company hasn’t spoken to you about or set you up with secure remote access, you’re missing out on a major benefit of modern IT.

Pro Group Networks is always keeping our eyes open for the most innovative and effective IT solutions, and remote access is among the most convenient for any business.

Get in touch with us at info@progroupnetworks.net or 888-625-0062 to talk about the positive benefits of secure remote access for your business.

What is secure remote access?

Remote access allows you to gain access to a computer or network from a remote location. That means whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, you have access to the important data and documents you need to complete tasks.

  • Your productivity increases as you gain a secure and convenient way to get work done while on the go. We know you’re not just chained to the desk anymore, and our remote access solutions allow you to stay connected no matter where your work takes you.
  • With virtualization, applications hosted in the cloud and innovative solutions like VoIP phones, Pro Group Networks ensures you’re always accessible and productive.
  • Like convenience, security is absolutely crucial. We ensure that when you’re accessing documents from outside the office, you’re always doing so in safe, smart ways. Our proactive IT solutions keep your network secure.

Reach out to Pro Group Networks to discuss the benefits of secure remote access for your business. We’ll help you attain the ultimate convenience with smart, effective IT. Contact us at info@progroupnetworks.net or 888-625-0062.


Tim has provided consistent, creative and very satisfying service as our IT expert at our Lunch at Piero’s press events during the trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Tim always finds a solution to even the most confounding technical challenges and always goes beyond the call of duty when providing services.

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