Culture of Engagement: What Is The Benefit For Your Business?

All across the country the job market is providing opportunities for employees, as well as cutthroat competition for employers, with the U.S Labor Department having announced this past July that a record high in 15 years of 5.8 million job positions open. Considering the fact that so many job opportunities are available, companies are experiencing pressure to bring in higher quality talent and ensure their turnover rates remain low. In order to do this effectively progressive companies are adopting a culture of engagement that allows them to stay appealing as well as relevant and diverse workforce.

What does creating a culture of engagement look like, you may wonder? It is about developing leadership habits, and building a work environment that enables employees to thrive, making them emotionally invested in the success of the company they are working for. A culture of engagement is something that is embedded into the way a company thinks and behaves.

culture of engagement

Businesses with a culture of engagement focus on:

  • Creating a vision or mission statement that clearly explains how their employees are engaged in work that is both purposeful and worthwhile.
  • Establishing frequent, two way communications that are open, transparent and authentic to make employees aware as to why certain strategies must be engaged in.
  • Empower employees, demonstrate accountability at all levels, provide appropriate challenges and give individual and group recognition in times of success, all in the interest of building an environment of trust.
  • Promote continuous learning that allows employees to attempt new challenges, develop leadership and spur continuous business improvement.
  • Make work enjoyable and inspire fun to make employees feel as though their time at work is well spent.

There have been big payoffs for companies that are purposefully creating a culture of engagement, with reports of annual revenue growth for these companies hitting 682%, compared to only 166% growth for those companies without such an approach.

Companies are seeing benefits that are far greater reaching than just finances. Stats from Gallup show that customer ratings are even higher than before, with a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 21% rise in increased productivity.

Changing work environments in addition to encouraging strongly developed leadership habits makes a vast difference within companies because employees become more emotionally invested in the success of a company, meaning everybody benefits. There is no better time than the present to get started creating a culture of engagement within your own business.  And we can help with that!  After all, we’re all about people helping people.

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